Ariel Meyuhas

Ariel is a co-founder and a chief operating officer of The MAX Group – A global leader in Fab operational consulting. With over 25 years of experience in the semiconductor industry, he brings vision, innovation, strong relationships and connections with his clients, and an attitude for being the best at what he does. His role as an industry executive has been focused on leading teams with energy and passion to turnaround and transform semiconductor companies and factories resulting in huge financial returns. Since his work has taken him all over the world helping his client overcome strategic and tactical problems repeatedly, he currently serves on a few boards of leading companies and is a member of SEMI’s Fab Owners Alliance Governing Council taking part in shaping a future roadmap of legacy Fabs. He holds a Masters degree in engineering management from the Ohio State University and a B.Sc. IE from the Tel Aviv University. Outside work, Ariel is an avid autorsport enthusiast, and he practices CrossFit, skiing and practical shooting to keep in shape!

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