Predict the outcome of high value manufacturing processes. Lynceus provides real-time visibility on the quality of 100% of your production.

Enable real-time process control to reduce scrap and increase production capacity. Lynceus entirely runs on existing data and adapts to existing testing protocols, enabling day 1 ROI.

Lynceus Argo can support any process step used in the most challenging industrial environments, starting with automotive-grade semiconductor manufacturing:

  • Etch
  • Lithography
  • CMP
  • CVD
  • Ion Implantation
  • and more

Real-Time Product Visibility

Monitor 100% of units produced and reduce mean time to detection from hours to minutes

Reduced Metrology Cost

Faster cycle-time by only sampling units that do not pass ML predictions

Faster Engineering Response

Rapid and more focused root cause analysis with automated diagnosis

Process-agnostic and Production-proven

ML predictive models that can be up and running in weeks, not months or years, and no “big data infrastructure” is required. Only the data that you already have today.

Process-centric ML models

Our ML models are uniquely designed from the ground up with a process-centric approach for maximum performance and accuracy

Robust and Production-proven

Our technology is patented with proprietary training techniques that deliver superior robustness in real-time manufacturing

Cloud-native platform

Lynceus Argo is a cloud-native platform for maximum performance and flexibility, but can also run on-premise if needed