Real-time Process Control

Ready-to-use AI models to support the end to end automation of high value industries

Why Lynceus

Predict the outcome of high value manufacturing processes. Lynceus provides real-time visibility on the quality of 100% of your production.

Enable real-time process control to reduce scrap and increase production capacity. Lynceus entirely runs on existing data and adapts to existing testing protocols, enabling day 1 ROI.


Lynceus delivers the first predictive operating system for high value manufacturing.

Argo Platform

Model Library

A comprehensive production environment that sits on top of your databases, reliably running predictive models. The Argo platform is built around:

  • Security
  • Redundancy
  • Auditability
  • Versatility

Ready-to-use AI models to predict the outcome of your critical high-value manufacturing processes. Our proprietary models are designed to maximize robustness in demanding industrial environments:

  • Stringent reliability with reduced root cause analysis time
  • Actionable models for explainability constraints
  • Built for fragmented and non synchronized data sources
  • Tolerance for high data variability
  • Integration with complex legacy IT systems

Unlocking the potential of AI in high value manufacturing environments.

To this day, despite significant investments in data infrastructure and talent, AI has largely failed to deliver on its potential in high value manufacturing environments. Lynceus offers a new approach, centred on reliability and actionability, bridging the gap between isolated science experiments and real value on your production floor.

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