Manufacturing productivity optimization in the age of AI

Optimize quality, throughput and costs simultaneously with AI

Why Lynceus

Lynceus provides real-time visibility on the outcome of critical manufacturing processes. For every single unit. At every single processing step.

Our AI predicts the outcome of critical process steps using existing data, helping manufacturing engineers detect failures early, test less and troubleshoot fast.


Lynceus AI delivers real-time, actionable insights on critical manufacturing processes

Augmented Metrology

Process Behavior Monitoring

  • Lynceus Augmented Metrology helps engineers decide whether to measure a unit or not, helping:
    • Detect failures early
    • Avoid unnecessary measurements
    • Accelerate root cause identification and troubleshooting

  • Lynceus provides visibility on process performance in-between measurements, providing real-time insights enhancing:
    • Maintenance scheduling
    • Aging monitoring of critical parts
    • Advanced Process Control systems
    • Safe launch predictability

Unlocking a new approach to the management of manufacturing productivity

Lynceus allows manufacturers to optimize their most important manufacturing KPIs simultaneously, with minimal additional CAPEX or headcount investments.

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