Augmented Metrology

Lynceus Augmented Metrology

Lynceus Augmented Metrology uses existing process data (FDC, tool utilization) to inform process engineers in real-time on whether a wafer should be sent to metrology or not

Engineers don’t need to wait for the results of physical quality tests to know if they are producing good or bad units

In the event of an excursion, engineers can react immediately with context-driven drill-downs that enable them to identify the root cause and take necessary actions.

Lynceus Architecture

A comprehensive production environment that sits on top of customer databases, reliably running predictive models. Key platform attributes:

Security: 10/10 Intrinsec security score
Redundancy: Triple system redundancy, entirely backed up every 6 hours
Auditability: Built-in performance and version tracking for every component
Versatility: Deployable on-prem and in the cloud, Rest-API based integration


Easily deployable into any existing fab environment

Lynceus integrates with existing databases and systems through Rest-APIs and runs entirely on existing data. Lynceus sits on top of customer MES and is built to integrate with highly constrained, legacy systems.