Lynceus predicts the results of both in-line metrology and end-of-line electrical tests at every step of the front-end manufacturing process, for every wafer produced.
We deliver:
reduction wafer scrap
reduction in time to detect
reduction in time to resolve

Current quality control processes in wafer fabs only allow for after-the-fact detection of excursions, causing significant yield loss. Those processes also involve frequent measurements at every step of the process, increasing cycle times and reducing overall throughput.

Lynceus provides real-time, actionable insights on the quality of every wafer driving both yield and throughput improvements.

Wafer sort yield prediction

Early detection of wafer sort excursions

Virtual metrology

Virtual metrology testing on 100% of production


Accelerated root cause analysis and recipe optimization

Lynceus integrates seamlessly without the need for extra hardware and is accessible in the cloud or on premises. It relies on data from existing sensors and is entirely machine agnostic.
Lynceus generates live predictions at every step of the production process. We provide a quality/yield prediction for every unit processed, giving you full visibility over your production.
Actionable output
Lynceus provides leads to optimize recipes and SOPs, or terminate a lot. Each prediction is backed with a root cause analysis, providing engineers with tangible and actionable insights that feed into existing visualization and automation systems.

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