Jeff Brown

Jeff brings 28 years of dynamic leadership and technical expertise to the semiconductor industry. With a foundation rooted in a PhD in Physics, Jeff has navigated a multifaceted career path, leading high-performance teams to overcome intricate technical and operational challenges. His extensive leadership experience, ranging from engineering manager to vice-president of R&D and operations, underscores his ability to inspire and guide teams towards achieving ambitious goals.

Throughout his tenure, Jeff has demonstrated a deep understanding of semiconductor processes and technologies, leveraging his technical knowledge to provide cutting-edge solutions. From device physics to manufacturing equipment, his broad expertise spans the entire semiconductor value chain, positioning him as a versatile problem solver capable of addressing complex cross-functional issues.

Jeff is deeply committed to mentorship and professional development, actively nurturing the next generation of semiconductor professionals. His dedication to fostering talent reflects his passion for advancing the industry forward.

Currently, Jeff serves in an advisory capacity to companies in the semiconductor space, leveraging his extensive expertise to provide strategic guidance and support the successful growth of the industry’s future.

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